Summoner Wars is the last big release standing tonight (Update - or is it?)

By Owen Faraday 27 Jun 2012 0
Nice skirt, Grognack. Nice skirt, Grognack.

Tonight might have been the biggest strategy game release night of the year, but a couple of highly anticipated titles have scrubbed their launches. I spoke with Alex from One Man Left this morning and he told me that the release of Outwitters has slipped into July. Fieldrunners 2 (about which I remain skeptical) has similarly been pushed back from its originally announced June launch.

So what have we got tonight? The anticipation around the impending release of Summoner Wars is basically a cargo cult at this point, so my curiosity is well past piqued.

There's a sequel to cutesy squad tactical Squids that beat the rush by releasing today - the first game did nothing for me, but it has a lot of fans on NeoGAF. There's also Battles & Castles which looks to be a turn-based tactical game played out on Minecraft-like voxel maps, but it's a dice roll at three dollars. The devs' CV includes a game called Angry World War 2, an unnecessary modifier if there ever was one.

I've got the Summoner Wars gameplay trailer after the jump.

UPDATE: Tonight's releases have gone live on the New Zealand App Store and Summoner Wars is nowhere to be found. Playdek's PR is being coy. Summoner Wars, where art thou?



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