Super Tribes updating this week, adding more super

22 Mar 2016 19

Super Tribes is the biggest surprise of 2016 thus far. As Zac explained in his review, it's a puzzle game with a 4X skin but it feels like a more fleshed out 4X than just about anything on the App Store. There's a tech tree, different units, crushing your enemies, building new cities, gathering resources, and more. All in a little single-player package you can play in minutes, only to be completely heartbroken when you see how you match up on the leaderboards.

This Thursday, Super Tribes is getting even more super with the release of its first major update. Included will be two new civilizations to play and a host of other goodies. The graphics will be cleaned up and "enhanced", whatever that means, but we'll also get the ability to pinch-zoom on the map, which should make everything easier to see and easier to tap. The game will autosave now, and there will also be local high scores which was one of Zac's main issues with the pre-1.1 version. They've also made the easier difficulty levels easier and the harder difficulty levels harder, meaning that if you want to rack up those really high scores, you have your work cut out for you. The press release also mentions "snowier snow" which, living where I do, I could really have less of, thank you very much.

The two new tribes are the Hoodrick tribe, which begins the game with the archery skill, allowing them to attack distant enemies from the get-go, and the Luxidoor tribe who begin with no starting technologies, but do have a level 2 city to flaunt. Each new tribe will cost $1 via IAP to download and are completely optional. That said, the game is free and these new tribes are the only way Midjiwan is making any dough, so dropping a couple bucks for new content seems like the least we can do.

Super Tribes is available for iOS Universal and should really be on everyone's device at this point. Yes, even yours.



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