Tales from decrypt: The Guides is a unique puzzler for a year with no Simogo games

By Owen Faraday 26 Aug 2015 0
Somehow, a satellite Somehow, a satellite

The Guides came out for iOS and Android a couple of weeks ago, and it escaped our notice then. I am filled with regret about that because The Guides is one of the year's most interesting puzzle games. It's a beautifully designed toy box filled with an enormous variety of code-breaking ciphers and visual riddles with a weirdly unsettling story lurking behind them. It's the sort of game that reminds us why puzzlers have found their greatest form on mobile devices, where they can act as gateways into a surreal universe.

The last couple of years have been well-served with a (mostly) brilliant array of these sorts of games: you ought to have played 2 Dreams and Matchstick Memories but above all else the offerings of Sweden's Simogo starting with Device 6 and Year Walk. But Simogo have been all quiet this year with their heads buried in the forthcoming Wii U re-imagining of Year Walk. When I say that The Guides is the closest thing we've had this year to a new Simogo game I mean that as some extra-strength praise.

The game is the first adult-targeted outing for children's game maker Kevin Bradford and designer partner Luke Lisi, who designed the badge and branding for the MLS's Sporting Kansas City. Kelsey's doing a full review for us but you can get The Guides for two bucks. Check out the trailer after the jump.

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