Talisman: Digital Edition is now completely free on iOS [Updated]

By Joe Robinson 05 Mar 2018 3

Update 5/3/18: We've had an update in from Nomad Games. Due to a number of the issues, the paid-for version of Talisman has now been removed from sale. This is due to a number of issues that have cropped up over the weekend - we know some of you are having problems with content you've bought in the past being recognised by Asmodee's new system.

Nomad recommend going through this link if you're having problems with the Lite version, or with your new Asmodee account.

Original Story: Nomad Games has announced that the base game for Talisman: Digital Edition on iOS is now 100% free!


The main Talisman App is still there – Nomad & Asmodee have simply released a separate Talisman LITE version that’s free of charge.

Nomad have assured us that, despite costing nothing, it retains all of the same functionality as the premium version: cross-platform multiplayer, leaderboards and the ability to transfer all previously unlocked expansions and content from other platforms (including the premium iOS version).

If you already own Talisman on iOS there’s no reason to transfer over to the new LITE version if you don’t want to, but that doesn’t mean you’re not getting treated to anything as well.

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Along with the new app, Nomad have updated the game to include The Samurai, a new character that can use her finely honed martial arts skills to compete for the Crown of Command.

Existing Talisman players can get her for free by signing up to an Asmodee Account (which is also free). Now that Nomad are working more closely with Asmodee, there could be other similar migrations onto Asmodee’s own account platform waiting to happen with Nomad's other titles.

The press release mentions that this free version of Talisman is only going to available for a limited amount of time, but they wouldn't tell us how limited. Get it while you can, I guess?

We never reviewed the base game of Talisman, but if you’re wondering which expansions to get, we’ve got you.



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