Terraforming Mars is available to beta test on iOS [Updated]

By Joe Robinson 15 May 2019 1

Update: We've spoken to Asmodee directly - the Android keys are already all gone and there's no plans to additional keys - sorry Google folks! We also got some information on the minimum requirements, just in case you were wondering. The beta requires devices with iOS 10, Android 5.0 or newer.

Original Story: Our lord and saviour Asmodee Digital have been on form recently with their digital adaptations of popular boardgames, although if we’re being honest they’ve been slower than we’d like with bringing some of those to mobile platforms.

Two recent ones that we’ve had our eye on are Scythe and Terraforming Mars – both of which are currently available on PC. Terraforming Mars was a bit rough and ready when it first launched on desktop, but in the months since Asmodee Digital have really put work into bringing it up to snuff. So much so that it now sits proudly as one of our sister website’s favourite board games on PC.

Today we have even more good news – you can beta test the game’s mobile version on iOS and Android! Here’s a breakdown of the main features:

  • 1 to 5 players
  • Learn the game with the Tutorials and the rules integrated to the game, available at any time from the menu
  • Play against AI opponents in Local Games, race alone against time in Solo Challenge, or experience Online Games with other players from around the world
  • All official variants available: Draft Mode, Corporate Era and Solo Challenge
  • Cross-platform multiplayer: iOS and Android users can play together during the mobile beta test. When the game will be officially released, they will also be able to play with Steam (Windows) users.
  • Available in 6 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish!

All you have to do is go here and login (or sign-up) with your Asmodee Digital account and then opt-in to the beta on your chosen platform. Both phones and tablets are supported, according to the info on the portal, but we don’t have any information on minimum requirements.

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