Terraforming Mars may be coming to tablets in Q2 2018

By Joe Robinson 08 Mar 2018 0

We heard about Asmodee’s plans to bring Terraforming Mars to PC & Tablets last year, in the same announcement where they revealed similar projects for Scythe, Zombicide and a few others.

We’ve now been given a window when we can expect to see the sci-fi colonisation game – Q2 2018. To be fair, this window only officially applies to the PC version thanks to this Steam listing… but you never know. Q2 is a whole three months, so there’s plenty of room to sneak in some iPad or Android Tablet versions if they wanted.


In Terraforming Mars, players take control of rival corporations seeking to establish a colony on the Red Planet. Not only do you need to manage things like oceans and oxygen content, you also need to lay down your infrastructure for incoming colonists and try to prevent your competitors from getting ahead.

The Steam page has some great gameplay shots, as well some basic details on the game in digital form so definitely give it a once over.



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