Thar she blows: First images of Paradox’s naval action game Leviathan Warships

By Owen Faraday 31 Jan 2013 0
I don't remember what I originally had written here but it was funny. Pocket battleships?

Just because they scuppered Herocraft’s proposed Hearts of Iron title doesn’t mean that PC publishing powerhouse Paradox is giving up on mobile – far from it, it would appear.

At today’s PdxCon press event in Iceland, the Swedish strategy imprint unveiled Leviathan Warships, a “strategic action game where players can build and customize their own fleet of warships to play with or against their friends”. Those friends of yours can be playing Leviathan on Mac, PC, iPad or Android, as the game will support play across all of those platforms. Smashing.

While the press materials consistently call Leviathan Warships an action game, this list of features over at the Paradox forums notes that the game is a proper turn-based affair with none of that unseemly real-time action. The game features 3 different factions, 11 customizable ships, 16 weapon types, 14 maps, and probably lots of other numbers too. The game takes place in a steampunk-ish sort of universe, albeit steampunk with lasers. That’s the kind of steampunk I’m willing to give a pass to.

Paradox is giving the release date simply as “2013″ – I’m pestering them to learn more. Two more screenshots after the jump.

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