The Crowdfunder: Golem Arcana, Death Road to Canada, and Neverending Nightmares

By Owen Faraday 10 Sep 2013 0
I cast "South Beach Diet" Your gargolye's cholesterol is too high.

Harebrained Schemes, the makers of Shadowrun Returns, have announced a truly ambitious Kickstarter -- a big, holy-crap-maybe-they're-crazy Kickstarter that embodies what that platform is all about.

Golem Arcana is billed as "a digitally enhanced miniatures game", but let's call a spade a spade: it's Skylanders for grown-ups. The game will use real miniatures imprinted with "microcodes" read with a stylus that communicates with an iOS & Android app. You physically move the pieces around the board, battling your friends' miniatures, and the app and stylus do the heavy lifting of tracking things like hit points and inventory. It is undeniably cool, and though it sounds like it has the potential to be pretty expensive, anyone who's still reading after seeing the words "miniatures game" knows what they're getting into.

HBS are looking for half a million bucks before October 15th. The video for Golem Arcana (and a couple of other interesting Kickstarters) are after the jump.

Here's that Golem Arcana video -- fronted by no one less than Jordan Weisman.

I've only today found out that Death Road to Canada (the apocalyptic road trip game from the makers of Punch Quest whose trailer we first saw a few weeks back) is on Kickstarter. Rocketcat Games want $25,000 to make it their first game for the PC, though we won't be abandoned -- iOS & Android are still coming, too. They're most of the way to the goal with over a fortnight remaining. I'll probably kick in to this one solely because I love Rocketcat and their sense of humour, though the backer rewards aren't exactly electrifying. You need to watch this video, though.

Dominik from a site called Portable Gaming Region (I'm from the Mobile Gaming Autonomous Zone, myself) tips us that Neverending Nightmares, a game that dramatizes mental illness through an Edward Gorey-inspired horror adventure, is kinda/maybe/possibly coming to tablets. It's certainly coming to Ouya, and I can't think of a more fitting game to play on an Ouya than one that tries to explore your depression, no doubt brought about by purchasing an Ouya.

Joking aside, I've been known to have the occasional bout with depression and I'm gratified to see Matt Gilgenbach, the developer of Retro/Grade, finding a cathartic outlet for his. Writing this site is the outlet for mine. Neverending Nightmares has 19 days to make $66,000.

Finally, the Kickstarter for Underwater Metropolis that was intended to go live yesterday has been pushed back a week, as Eleventh Level Interactive have taken to heart the advice that they shouldn't start asking for money until they had a proof-of-concept gameplay prototype to show. A very good call, that.
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