The havres and havres-nots: Uwe Rosenberg design, Le Havre: The Inland Port, released

By Dave Neumann 10 Nov 2015 0
They look as though they just met Skoora, the gentle shark. They look as though they just met Skoora, the gentle shark.

If you're a reader of Pocket Tactics, you're familiar with Uwe Rosenberg's work. He's the mad genius behind such great games as Agricola and Le Havre, both of which have been incredibly well represented on the App Store. Today another Uwe Rosenberg game has landed for iOS and Android, Le Havre: The Inland Port. It sounds like it might be an expansion for the aforementioned Le Havre but, like the cheese, it stands alone.

Le Havre: The Inland Port is an unabashed euro, but this one is for two players only. Players will acquire resources and build buildings, which makes it all sound very much like it's big brother. The difference here is that each player has a warehouse which looks like a spreadsheet from hell, but figuring out how to manipulate the goods in there will determine if you win or lose each game. The Inland Port also features a dial to keep track of things which is similar to another, non-digitized, Rosenberg game Ora et Labora.

The digital version of Le Havre: The Inland Port is from Digidiced and includes multiple AIs for solo play as well as cross-platform online multiplayer that is either synchronous or asynchronous, your choice. There's a tutorial as well, so you'll have no excuses if and when you get your butt handed to you. It's available for both iOS Universal and Android (there's a rumor that it's even available for Windows Phone, whatever that is), and any version will run you $5.

Check out the rather cheerful release trailer after the break.

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