The quest for a King of Dragon Pass universal update continues

By Owen Faraday 17 May 2012 0
It's not always this dire. There are also treacherous duck-men.

A-Sharp developer David Dunham updated the King of Dragon Pass development blog yesterday to say that the universal update for the iPhone "story-telling" game has stumbled but is still on its feet. Work on upscaling the game's assets to iPad size began last year but the team's artist dropped out "due to unforseeable issues". Dunham joined Shenandoah Studios last month, they of the recently successful Battle of the Bulge Kickstarter.

For the uninitiated, KoDP is a unique game that's tough to describe concisely. The game is set in the 1970s-era roleplaying universe of Glorantha, which combines Nordic mythology with high fantasy. The player's job is to control the fate of a tribe as they put down roots in a new land. There are a lot of the usual tropes of strategy games: sliders to assign workers, map exploration, and the like. But the core of the game is formed by events that appear every season - your decisions in these events have repercussions that often aren't felt until many seasons later. For those who think that games have to resemble old media to qualify as art, King of Dragon Pass might be close to an ideal. Playing it feels like you're co-authoring a narrative. It's what Sid Meier would have made instead of Civilization if he'd only been exposed to Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books instead of board games.

The game originally was released for Mac and PC in 1999 and didn't reappear in any digital form until the iPhone version emerged last year.
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