"The spookiest dinner": Neil Gaiman is making tablet game Wayward Manor

By Owen Faraday 26 Jul 2013 0
Ghost trick. It's like an episode of Scooby Doo viewed from 180 degrees off.

I'm surprised that Neil Gaiman hasn't made a video game before, now that I think of it. But the author of American Gods and Sandman is getting into game development now with the announcement of Wayward Manor, a game in which you play a ghost trying to frighten a family out of your Lovecraftian New England home. Gaiman has unveiled a website with some Kickstarter-like backer rewards for pre-ordering Wayward Manor: everything from wallpapers and soundtracks to dinner with Neil Himself in Los Angeles if you're willing to part with ten grand.

The game is being developed by The Odd Gentlemen and published by Moonshark, a CAA-backed outfit who have previously put out Stan Lee's infinite runner faller Verticus and Jennifer Lopez-produced rhythm game DancePad.

Wayward Manor is due out for tablets and desktop platforms this autumn. Watch Neil Gaiman invite you to a very expensive dinner after the jump.



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