The Weekender: Easter Weekend 2018 Edition

By Nick Vigdahl 30 Mar 2018 3

Welcome to the Weekender, your weekly look at the best new games, sales, and updates. It's a busy week with plenty of new games, sales, and updates to talk about. There were more releases this week that we didn't have time to check out, so we'll catch up with them next week! Let's get right to it!

Out Now

Candleman (iOS Universal and Android)

Candleman has flickered to life on iOS and Android after a successful stint on Steam. It's a puzzle/platformer with an interesting interplay between darkness and light. You are a candle and as such you can shed light on what is otherwise a dim world but doing so has a cost: your wax. If you run out of wax you run out of light so the goal is to use your precious light only when you must, and to seek out other candles to light with your flame. It's a fun game and fairly casual.

Death Squared (iOS Universal and Android)

For more challenge you'll want to turn to our next game: Death Squared. Death Squared is a single-player or co-op action puzzle game that has recently arrived on mobile from Steam and consoles. It's been on iOS for a bit and is out now for Android as well. Each player controls a robot through a crazy path full of traps and other hazards. Co-op play for two-to-four players requires good communication and teamwork to succeed and there's also a single-player campaign available. It's a fun puzzle and is also on sale right now for iOS in honor of its Android release.

Big Chief (iOS Universal and Android) - Full review coming soon!

Corporate Reigns-like Big Chief has you running a corporation and either accepting ideas that come your way, or firing those that bring them. Your decisions have an effect on three groups of constituents: the people, employees, and stakeholders and your goal is to last as long as you can as the boss before taking a nice severance package with you and starting again.

Card Quest (Android) - Full review coming soon!

Deck building, dungeon crawling, roguelike Card Quest has gone from PC to Android this week. It’s one of those games where you choose one of four classes—rogue, wizard, fighter, or hunter—customize a deck and go delving in dungeons and beating down monsters. It's Android only, so I haven't been able to try it out, but the game features fat loot, loads of different dungeons, and 25 unique bosses to best. Sounds promising. It’s coming for iOS soon as well, and I look forward to giving it a try then.


Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 (iOS Universal and Android) $.99 (Review)

Like racing sims? If so, and you don't own Motorsport Manager Mobile 2, now's the time to rectify that. The game is just a buck on either store and is among the top options of the genre.

Motorsport Mobile Manager 2

TreasureHunter (iOS Universal) $.99

Also just a buck is the entertaining card-drafting game TreasureHunter. It was designed by Richard Garfield, of Magic: The Gathering fame, and is entertaining and well worth a dollar.

Treasure Hunter2

A Dark Room (iOS Universal and Android) $.99

Text-based RPG A Dark Room has an excellent story and is half off, well worth the price.

Baseball Highlights 2045 (iOS Universal and Android) $.99 (Review)

Baseball is back, and you can celebrate by grabbing tabletop-to-digital convert Baseball Highlights 2045 for 75% off.

The Room 2 (iOS Universal and Android) $.99
The Room 3 (iOS Universal and Android) $1.99 (Review)

The Room: Old Sins is coming to Android in a few weeks and, as such, the series is 50% off at the Google Play Store (other than the first instalment which is always a buck). It's a good chance to play through the previous instalments before the latest comes out if so desired.

The "GO" games (iOS Universal and Android) $1.99

The popular tactical puzzlers of the GO series are also all discounted to $1.99. The below links go to the individual review pages, which will have links to the various app stores at the bottom.

Deus Ex: The Fall (iOS Universal and Android) $1.99 (Review)

Speaking of Deus ExDeus Ex: The Fall is a story-driven RPG that lets you decide on either stealth or action as you make your way through the storyline. It's on sale for $1.99.

Portal Knights (iOS Universal and Android) $2.99 on iOS

The excellent craft-and-explore game Portal Knights is also $2 off (iOS only). It's perfect for Minecraft fans who want better graphics and a bit more in terms of quests to undertake and creatures to fight.

Portal Knights Weekender

Football Manager Mobile 2018 (iOS Universal and Android) $3.99

More interested in football/soccer than baseball or motorsports? No worries, Football Manager Mobile 2018 is $5 off right now as well.

Football Manager Mobile 2018

XCOM: Enemy Within (iOS Universal and Android) $4.99 on Android (Review)

Mobile tactical classic XCOM Enemy Within is also $5 off, but only on Android. Get it while the getting's good.


Pocket Build (iOS Universal and Android)

World-building sandbox Pocket Build has a big update this week. The Day & Night update brings a new night mode with lights, camp fires, fire lamps, and other means of illumination. Additionally, the update brings flags, new grass and plant options, the ability to name animals, an option to lock all tiles, and a new world generator to the game. Pocket Build has to be one of the most supported games in the App Store. I highly recommend it to anybody who is into sandbox building games.

That’s all for this week’s round-up – seen anything else you like? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments and have a good weekend!



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