The Weekender: Dragonspear Edition

By Nick Vigdahl 09 Mar 2018 6

Welcome to this week's edition of The Weekender, your weekly look at the best new games, sales, and updates. We've got a couple expansions along with a new game that may appeal to fans of Kingdom: New Lands. We've got RPGs and a Minecraft-like on the sale front, and a nice update for yet another Minecraft-like title. Check it out!

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Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear (iOS Universal and Android) - Full Review Incoming!

The latest Baldur's Gate game and first in nearly a decade, the Siege of Dragonspear, has been out on desktop for just under two years. Now, the series' publisher Beamdog has brought it to mobile. Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear takes place between Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II and features a 30-hour campaign that explores new regions of the Sword Coast, within the long running Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms campaign setting. The city of Baldur's Gate has entrusted you to face the Shining Lady, a highly charismatic general marching an army through the Sword Coast.

Characters feel suitably powerful in Siege of Dragonspear, which was my main complaint from the original game, and the dungeons and combat are a lot of fun. The story and pacing are good but not great and I found myself doing the, "yeah, yeah, yeah where's the next thing to kill" thing. That aside, this game does a nice job bridging the story gap between the first two Baldur's Gate games. If you dig the franchise and RPGs in general, it's definitely worth a look.

The Quest - Macha's Curse (iOS Universal and Android) (Review)

The Quest is an old-school, digital RPG that scored full-marks from Tof back when it came out. Several expansions have made their way to mobile since then and the latest is Macha's Curse. You've been summoned by the great wizard Cathbad to aid Ulidia in its time of need against the invasion of Queen Maeve of Connacht. The expansion can be enabled within the base game, though it is not recommended for characters below level 40, or bought as a standalone app.

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands (iOS Universal)

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands is a two-dimensional, side-scrolling, city-builder game where you start out by slowly attracting and recruiting workers to gather wood and farm food. As the leader, you can do these things as well but are also in charge of crafting and can make things like carts (to gather wood faster) and spears to defend your budding village. Defend it you must, for each night creatures come to eat you. If they succeed, it's game over. As the days go by your crafting goals become more and more advanced. You can build new structures and assign workers to mine iron and gems, raise sheep for animal skins, and even scout the surrounding area.

The nightly threats become more dangerous as well and you'll need to have enough guards on hand to keep them at bay. The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands is pretty forgiving on normal mode, if you die you can start over that same morning and try again, but the harder difficulty means perma-death and makes the game more of a roguelike. It's a fun game with a lot of promise, I'm a few hours in and am still enjoying growing the population and ramping up my town's production capabilities. It feels a lot like Kingdom: New Lands and if that type of gameplay appeals to you definitely give it a go.


PixelTerra (iOS Universal and Android): $.99

Minecraft-like PixelTerra is on sale for just a buck on the App Store. Minecraft is the better game, but if you want a little variety in your crafting/survival games you can't beat the price.

Galaxy of Pen and Paper (iOS Universal and Android): $3.99 (Review)

Turn-based RPG Galaxy of Pen & Paper is about a tabletop roleplaying group that goes adventuring and is set back when Y2K was a thing. If you don't know what Y2K is you didn't miss much. Don't miss out on this sale if you want to give this one a try. Mark thinks you should, check out his 4-star review for more.

Baldur's Gate (iOS Universal and Android): $4.99

Not only is the Baldur's Gate expansion out now, but the base game is on sale for $5 (50% off) in the App Store. It's the same D&D experience brought right from 1998 to your iPad (yes, it's technically universal, but screen size and all). Perfect for looting your way through the Forgotten Realms' Sword Coast.

Icewind Dale (iOS Universal and Android): $4.99

Also from Beamdog and also half off is Icewind Dale. If you need more D&D experience in the digital Forgotten Realms, it's right here for the taking!


Portal Knights (iOS Universal and Android)

Another Minecraft-like, Portal Knights, just got a multiplayer update to allow mobile players to join private games created by desktop players. I've played quite a bit of Portal Knights and really enjoy the quality graphics and different worlds to visit and monsters to battle.

Portal Knights

By the way, if you’re interested in CCGS, make sure you read our story on Artifact from this morning. More details on how the game has been designed, as well as what we know regarding it’s mobile debut (you may want to sit down for that part).

Seen anything else you like? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll see you next week!



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