The Weekender: Quick Hiatus Edition

By Joe Robinson 06 Sep 2019 0

As you read this, I’m not actually here, so today’s update is going to be a bit ad-hoc. It’s not been a great week for releases regardless, so I’ll be spending some time looking at other things that may be of interest.

This week I finally got up the Battle Chasers content I’d planned - apologies for the delay there. We’ve also been looking a bit more into Pokemon Masters, as well as catching up with Dota Underlords, which we haven’t spoken about in a while. Checking in with our BoardGameGeek list as well is always fun.

PSA: I’m on holiday between the 10th - 17th. While I’ll have cover as usual there will be no Weekender update on the 13th. Normal Friday service resumes on the 20th.

Meanwhile, in the world of mobile gaming…

Out Now - Tropico on Android

Feral continue to prove their are the king of premium mobile games with the recent release of Tropico onto Android. With an uncertain market in terms of premium mobile releases, it’s gratifying to know that porting last generation’s strategy games is still a viable option, but it’d be easy to imagine developers just doing an iOS port and being done with it.

The fact that Feral, who are traditionally iOS developers, have taken the time to skill-up and bring these beloved games to Android as well is quite touching. We’re not doing another review, but you can read our iOS review if you want an idea of how it plays. I’ve got an Android code that I will be testing out anyway. If I discover anything note-worthy for Android readers, I’ll let you know.

Announced - Homeworld Mobile

Gearbox were at Pax West recently talking about Homeworld. They announced that Homeworld 3 is a thing, but they also dropped the surprise announcement that there will be a Homeworld game on mobile as well. At the moment it just has the working title Homeworld Mobile.

When it will come, on what platforms and in what form is all very much TBD. All we do know is that it’s being made by Stratosphere Games, who are known for making F2P Clash Royale like experiences. Here’s to hoping it’s not going to be like that but you never know with Gearbox. There’s an official website you can check out here.

Sale - Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 (Review)

This is more than just a sale - for some reason MM3 has gone free? There are IAPs that range from like $6 up to $11 for a ‘bundle’. I honestly can’t remember if they were there when the game launch. Did this one go F2P without us noticing? Either way, you can pick it up for free on iOS and Android if you’re interested.

Sale - Tides of Time (Review)

This is a neat two-player board game that’s about drafting a hand of cards to try and collect sets to score points. It plays very quickly over a couple of rounds, and is an excellent choice for couples or friends looking for a quick game to pass the time. It’s currently down to a couple of bucks on iOS and Android.

Seen anything else you liked? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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