Third Epoch is a tangerine dream of the future

By Owen Faraday 27 Jan 2014 0
Orange crush. Orange crush.

Josh M. writes:
Owen, I'm surprised you haven't covered Third Epoch yet. It's a space trader like the Star Traders you love so well with a much stronger look. Check it out.

Third Epoch for iOS is a new one on me, I'd never heard of the game. But wow -- Josh is not kidding about the aesthetic. The whole game from the menus on down is rendered clean-lined orange silhouettes.

The game is set in a far future where you can apparently opt to play your star trader as a completely non-violent character, as the game boasts of ways to "outsmart opponents in non-destructive combat". I like that a lot and I'm downloading as I write this. It's been a while since somebody attempted some idealistic Gene Roddenberry stuff in a mobile game.

Two caveats: first, the game appears to be iPhone-only (iPads were abandoned in the Second Epoch, perhaps?) and secondly, Third Epoch is free-to-play, and I'm not sure how far the monetisation scheme has metastasised through the game mechanics. But it sure looks worth a go.

Third Epoch is made by Canadian devs Blitztream. There's a trailer after the jump.

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