This just in, Kickstarters are hard. Both Wartile and Posthuman: Sanctuary shutter

28 Mar 2016 4

In early March we found a couple of interesting looking titles, fresh on Kickstarter, that were coming to both PC and mobile. The first was Wartile, a HeroScape doppelgänger with a pseudo-real-time mechanism at its core. The second was post-apocalyptic interactive fiction based on a board game, Posthuman: Sanctuary. Both games looked deeper than your usual mobile fare, so we looked forward to seeing them devel...wait, what's that? Nevermind. They're dead, Jim.

Early last week we learned that Mighty Box has shut down the Kickstarter for Posthuman: Sanctuary when it became clear they weren't going to hit funding. Luckily, the project isn't getting canned for good, but retooled:

We're already in a much stronger position than we were at the start of the campaign: we've been Greenlit on Steam, and we have a good gameplay video. Our playable demo is approaching completion, and the games press has started to take notice. We still believe Posthuman; Sanctuary should see the light of day, and once we've regrouped we will find a way to make this happen.

Good. Posthuman: Sanctuary looked like a fantastic blend of roguelike and interactive fiction, even if I wasn't entirely sure how it would play. We'll let you know when the new campaign goes live, hopefully with more goodies to share and a little more detail into what you can expect when playing Posthuman: Sanctuary.

Wartile is the other dearly departed. Their Kickstarter shut down at the end of last week, again due to the realization that they wouldn't hit the campaign's funding goal. This is really depressing because the Wartile team had even released a playable demo based on an alpha build. I hadn't checked it out, but I had talked to others who had, and told me it was pretty great.

Like Posthuman, it sounds like this is only a temporary setback. 

Over the next few weeks we will step back, reflect and investigate our different options to keep developing WARTILE in an effort make the game as good, polished and fun as it can possibly be. Over the last two years, we have been working hard every single day to get WARTILE to the current state that it’s at today, driven by the motivation to make something new, different and unique, fueled by the creative passion and love of a project very dear to us.

Again, we'll let you know if and when the Kickstarter reboots, or if Wartile figures out another way of making it to our tablets.



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