Through the Ages' first expansion will be releasing on digital platforms first this September

By Joe Robinson 30 Jul 2019 0

The impact of digital ports on board games is something that I feel will take a few years to play out. It’s definitely becoming a bit of a gold-rush, with everyone and their mum getting a port these days, but whether these PC and Mobile adaptations will end up working in tandem or somehow replacing physical games is something worth keeping an eye one.

Through the Ages is one of our favourite ios board games, but there are plenty more!

One such potential effect is going to start emerging this September. Through the Ages is a critically acclaimed strategy board game where you lead and guide a civilization ‘through the ages’, recruiting leaders, mastering technology or military strategies and building wonders and marvels. It uses mechanics such card drafting and action points and is currently 3rd on Board Game Geek’s master ranking.

It was first released in 2006, republished in a new edition in 2015 but hasn’t received a single expansion in all that time… until now! Czech Game Edition have just announced the first ever expansion for the game, titled ‘New Leaders & Wonders’.

If the title is a bit bland, this next bit of news is anything but – the expansion is coming to the digital adaptation of the game first, on September 12th, 2019. A physical release will follow two months later on October 24th. The new expansion will include new cards in the form of leaders, wonders, and new military cards and buildings.

While it’s great news to see that TtA is finally getting an expansion, it’s interesting the digital release is happening first, and so far in advance of the physical release. I could perhaps understand if It was a less well known game, but being so high on the BGG must denote some kind of success, so this is still an interesting move on behalf of CZE.

Check out our review of the digital game if you haven’t already, and we’ll take a look at the new expansion when it lands in September.

New Leaders & Wonders will be coming to PC, iOS and Android.



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