Ticket punched: Ticket to Ride update lands, Pocket version affected as well

By Dave Neumann 19 Nov 2015 0
One of us. One of us. One of us. One of us.

Ticket to Ride received it's major 2.0 update today changing the formerly iPad-only app into a Universal one. It also added things like asynchronous and cross-platform play, a map of India, reworked UI, and more. One of the most asked questions since the update was announced on Tuesday dealt with the fate of the iPhone version, Ticket to Ride Pocket. Luckily, it seems that Days of Wonder has done everything the right way.

If you have TtR Pocket, you'll notice that it also received a 2.0 update today. It makes the formerly iPhone-only app into a Universal app as well and also enables cross-platform asynchronous games of TtR using the Days of Wonder online service instead of Game Center. Not bad, but not everything that's available in the updated iPad version.

In the online shop in Pocket 2.0, however, you can upgrade to the full app experience for the price difference between Pocket and the iPad-only app. That's $5 to upgrade Pocket to the full experience of the formerly iPad-only app.

Make sense? Yeah, it's still a bit convoluted, but here's a summary:

-If you only own the formerly iPad-only app, upgrade it and you're done. You have the most up to date version of Ticket to Ride.

-If you own both apps, upgrade the iPad version and delete Pocket. Then install the new version (not Pocket) on your Pocket-less phone.

-If you only own TtR Pocket, upgrade and buy the full-version IAP and install on your iPad. You'll have an identical app as someone in the first situation above.

-If you own the app on Android or PC, you should have stopped reading this post a long time ago.

Whew. After all that you probably need to relax a bit. Do so while watching the 2.0 upgrade trailer after the break.

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