Tiki Taka Soccer wants to reinvent touchscreen football game controls

By Owen Faraday 05 Nov 2013 0
Swiped me off my feet. Swiped me off my feet.

I think of myself as more of a Mourinho than a Messi, and so I generally prefer my touchscreen sports games to be well-mannered, turn-based affairs. I'm an old man now, and my arthritic meat hooks can't keep up with the likes of FIFA anymore.

I am more than willing to make an exception for Tiki Taka Soccer, which the British developer Panic Barn is building for iPad. Like Codemasters' F1 Challenge, this is a game that is not attempting to shoehorn console control metaphors into a touchscreen UI. Watch the video after the jump to really grok it but it seems to me that Tiki Taka's controls are utterly unique.

We need more games like Tiki Taka that completely cast off the received wisdom of how games should be controlled and trot out a crazy idea. I hope it works. Besides the innovative control scheme, Tiki Taka is a full-on soccer management sim: you'll be signing players and trying your best to keep them away from drunken nights out -- the continued absence of the latter feature is the most unrealistic thing about Football Manager these days.

I do get the impression that Tiki Taka is going to be a free-to-play game, but let's keep the pitchforks and torches in the barn until we've seen how it plays, yes? More screens and a trailer below.


Ah, now that's professional football as I know it. Ah, now that's professional football as I know it.

I guess if we're being charitable, being able to add funds from outside the game is actually realistic in an English professional football sim.

Lots of lovely stats here.
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