It's about time: Strategy First's debut mobile strategy game is Timelines Assault on America

By Owen Faraday 05 Feb 2015 0
Hungary like the wolf. Hungary like the wolf.

Well, from wargames of questionable provenance we turn to games with real wargaming pedigrees. Strategy First, one of the few computer strategy game publishers as enduring as Slitherine, is producing its first mobile wargame. Strategy First, who published such PC classics as Jagged Alliance and Space Empires, have dabbled in mobile before, but never with anything you might call a wargame.

Timelines: Assault on America is an RTS coming to iPad and Android on the 17th of February. It takes place in an alternate universe where Hitler said, "Russia is cold, man" and decided to invade the US instead. There's 12 missions spread across the American east coast where your upgradeable army fights the AI or in cross-platform multiplayer. There's minefields and airstrikes -- and Hungarians. Hitler brought the whole Axis crew over.

Watch the first trailer for Timelines after the jump.

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