Are Creative Assembly working on a new Total War mobile game?

By Joe Robinson 01 Aug 2018 2

A new job posting on the official Creative Assembly page has our interest piqued. The development studio behind the critically acclaimed Total War series is looking for a new Designer who will “… be a key part of a multidisciplinary team designing and implementing core features of a new IP title within the Total War Universe.”

A new Total War IP is always good, and this is just a job listing... but it’s the experience and skill-sets they’re looking for that prove highly relevant to our interested here in Pocket Tactics.

This line is under ‘Essential’:

  • Experience working on mobile, puzzle, CCG, virtual board game or similar titles

While these lines are under ‘Desirable’:

  • Experience of in-game economy design
  • MS Office skills, particularly Excel

Ok, I wasn’t being serious about the Excel thing, but these two points alone paint an interesting picture. Thanks to Feral Interactive we already get to enjoy the classic Rome: Total War on iPad so we’re probably not looking at another port (and besides, the “new IP” part rules out anything that is currently known about).

It’s clearly going to involve mobile devices, and I’d even hazard a claim in saying this will be mobile-first given they're already doing a lot of experimentation in the PC space. The fact that they’ve asked for CCG AND board game experience, as well as puzzle (as well as "similar") suggests they don’t know yet know what they actually want to do. Other than perhaps something with a monetizable economy, so we're probably looking at Free-to-Play again.

Another part of the job posting mentions the Designer will be part of “a small agile development team”, so I imagine the short term goal will be to develop a bunch of prototypes for mobile spanning the different genres they’re looking at. As our sister website PCGamesN pointed out, a small team would also be able to react to feedback and iterate, keeping costs down.

And, because we can, let’s throw out some game name suggestions based on what we know they’re looking for:

  • Total War CCG
  • Total War GO
  • Total War: The Board Game
  • Total War: Battle Royale

What do you think a new Total War mobile game would/could look like? Let us know in the comments!



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