Upcoming party game, who lurks, brings traitor mechanism from board games to touchscreens

03 May 2016 2

As anyone who has ever played Fantasy Flight's classic Battlestar Galactica will tell you, the fun lies in finding the Cylon with the rest of the board game existing only to supply them with more places to hide. Since BSG's popularity, there have been a glut of "traitor" games invading tabletops. Games like The Resistance, Dark Moon, and Dead of Winter immediately come to mind. I haven't even brought up all the werewolf-style games like Ted Alspach's One Night Ultimate Werewolf. The problem with bringing a traitor mechanism game to mobile has always been that it works best when everyone is in the same room. Developer Hybrid Humans is going to try to debunk that with their latest, an original party game called Who Lurks that's due out next week.

From the gameplay video, it's clear that there's more to the game than the traitor mechanism, but it's definitely the centerpiece. 3-6 players in the same room will be assigned roles where all of them are human survivors and one is secretly an alien out to destroy them. The gameplay then centers on minigames that need to be completed in order for the humans to progress. I'm not sure how it works, but it appears that the alien player can sabotage the others' efforts to make their games harder, but needs to do it quietly, lest they draw too much attention to themselves.

I absolutely adore the traitor mechanism, and it looks like putting it on an app that's expected to be played Spaceteam style will be a good fit. The game will be free to download with IAP to disable ads. Interestingly, it will also have a solo-play mode which will unlock items you can use in the multiplayer games.

Who Lurks will be available for iOS and Android on May 10th.



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