Urban renewal: Sarah Northway gears up for the next Rebuild

By Owen Faraday 11 Jan 2013 0
Parson Brown says brainss Walking in a winter wasteland.

You may have spent dozens of hours reconstructing your zombie-ravaged city - earning the trust of skittish survivors and manning the barricades when the undead came - but get ready to start over from scratch. There's a new Rebuild game on the way.

Rebuild developer Sarah Northway spent a good share of last year helping husband Colin with PC/Mac puzzle game Incredipede. Time well spent, too - Incredipede was one of the most visually arresting games of 2012 and deservedly finds itself on the IGF shortlist.

But her thoughts have never been too far from her post-apocalyptic city-builder. Northway plans to return to the world of Rebuild with a sequel that will start development soon - she's already set up a wiki to solicit fan ideas for the next game. One of the problems that Northway needs your advice on is what to name it: the game that mobile players know as Rebuild was technically Rebuild 2, the original game was browser-only.

Northway tells me that she plans to launch into development as soon as she wraps up her current project, hip-hop-themed word game Word Up Dog.

Sarah, if you're reading this - that idea on the wiki about making Rebuild into a musical comedy was from me. No need to thank me but I have started sketching out the score on piano, hit me up.
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