Valkyria Chronicles takes us for a ride

By Owen Faraday 19 Jun 2012 0
Blight of the Valkyries. Blight of the Valkyries.

The last big-budget turn-based squad tactical in memory, Valkyria Chronicles, is getting reincarnated - as a free-to-play browser game called Valkyria Chronicles Duel. Andriasang1, the game's official website mentions the possibility of a smartphone app - but is that the game itself, or a companion app? And what platforms are we talking about? All very mysterious.

I played Valkyria Chronicles for PS3 and it was an absolute riot - the very picture of what a modern squad tactical should be. It's very easy to imagine VC on a tablet, so why hasn't Sega gone that route? Surely they cannot have failed to notice the parking lot full of Maybachs that Square Enix have bought with their Final Fantasy Tactics for iPad money.

Check out the trailer after the break, which consists mostly of cutscenes from the PS3 and PSP iterations of Valkyria Chronicles.


1Upon whom the veracity of this entire article depends - my kaleidoscope of talents doesn't include reading Japanese, sadly.



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