Vote-fixing: Democracy 3 update adds lovely Retina fonts

By Owen Faraday 25 Jun 2014 0
Bubble, bubble. Bubble, bubble.

When I reviewed Democracy 3 a couple of weeks back, one of my biggest gripes with the iPad political simulator was that the game's graphics weren't Retina-caliber. This isn't a criticism I would have levelled at Zaga-33 or Calculords, but D3's unique visual approach to conveying complex information deserved a prettier look.

Creator Cliff Harris immediately applied himself to fixing that fault, and this morning an update went up for the game that claims to ratchet the resolution up to Retina. I gave it a look myself and Democracy 3 is suddenly beautiful on a Retina iPad. There's still some visible pixels in some of the game's graphics, but the fonts are nice and crisp now.

If only problems with real democracies were so easy to fix. Hey Cliffski, feel free to spend a couple of weeks sorting out endemic corruption in Latin America, thanks in advance.

The Democracy 3 trailer is below.

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