Want to try out the the ARK iOS Beta? [Giveaway Closed]

By Admin 03 May 2018 0

While Civilization VI lead the charge, it wasn’t until Fortnite & PUBG ported themselves to mobile wholesale that we really started to get an idea of just what is possible on mobiles. Granted, we’re probably only talking the high-end tablets/phones that can handle these games, but it’s all promising.

Following quickly in the wake of Battling Battle Royale Brothers, the ARK: Survival Evolved  devs also announced they were bringing their game to mobile. ARK is one of the poster-childs of the survival-sim boom that occurred in the wake of DayZ’s popularity.

All we know so far about it is that it’s going to be a like-for-like experience, with reduced graphical fidelity and, interestingly, it’s going to be Free-to-Play. I’m not an expert on the game myself, so I’m not sure what this could look like. It’d be hard to use the usual suspects of mobile F2P design though – time-gating, premium currencies etc… in a survival game without ruining the experience, so it gets the benefit of the doubt for now.

Luckily, there’s a way for you to find out for yourself – we’ve managed to get a hold of 100 iOS Beta Invites.

We’re still working on getting our giveaways etc… back online in a more user-friendly manner. If you want in on the ARK iOS Beta, you need to email us your iOS TestFlight email.

This giveaway is now over.

Giveaway will close roughly 24 hours from now at 5:30pm BST Friday 4th May, at which point we’ll be sending the emails over to War Drum to get you in over the weekend.



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