Warbands: Bushido Slices Its Way Onto Android

By Joe Robinson 21 Feb 2018 5

Warbands: Bushido is an excellent turn-based strategy experience. Presented as a digital, miniatures-based skirmish boardgame, it lets players field small squads of samurai and other Medieval Japan-themed units against each other or the AI across multiplayer and story-driven scenarios.


It initially came to PC and iOS and we loved  both iterations (despite the problems with the iOS port). Now the final frontier has been breached and Android gamers can finally pick up their own katana and join the fray.


There are some caveats to note with the Android build:

  • It’s Free-to-Play, with IAPs for scenarios, card & miniature packs. In the iOS/PC builds, these are unlocked exclusively with in-game currency which can only be earned, not bought.
  • In the android version some of these same items can now also be bought for real money.
  • Dust and coin income is thus reduced, and quest rewards have been tweaked, probably to make unlocking the packs a bit more difficult and making the spend a realistic choice.
  • The big thing is that this means no account transfer is possible between iOS and PC. You’ll need to have a separate android account.
  • This also means no cross-platform multiplayer between Android and iOS/PC players, but according to Red Unit Studios there is already a healthy android population playing the game, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding an opponent.

We reached out to the developers to ask how they felt about the Free-to-Play model:

F2P is something we've tried to avoid all this time but seems like premium games are not doing well on Android.

The Android version will include the Ninjas update, but not the recent new quests that were just added to the PC and iOS versions.



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