Wargame of the Year 2014

By Alex Connolly 16 Dec 2014 0
I love the Corps. I love the Corps.

Our Wargame of the Year is a title we'd waited seemingly forever for -- and which didn't disappoint when it arrived.

The King of Scenarios. The King of Scenarios.

Pocket Tactics loves Panzer Corps. Which means, if our taste is your barometer, you love Panzer Corps. Owen's review of the game extolled this compromise-free reverence wargame that migrated from the PC to the iPad and left nothing in the lurch. It sits here, anointed The PT Wargame of 2014, because Panzer Corps caters to all. From the dilettante to the fully-bearded field grognard, this world war is anyone's game.

Panzer Corps stands above an increasingly rich cavalcade of tablet wargames, certainly no mean feat in a realm shared by heavyweights from Shenandoah and stablemate Slitherine products, as well as promising new fish like Hunted Cow and Kermorio. It manages to do so by offering variety of scale and boatloads of content. There are so many campaigns available for Panzer Corps that you could download the 1939 Grand Campaign tonight and complete the retreat to Berlin sometime around Groundhog's Day, stopping only for dire biological necessity. Once you've had your fill of playing as the Germans, download the Allied Corps expansion and take the fight in the other direction.

One of the most frequently (and often carelessly) levelled criticisms of certain wargames is that they're "too puzzle-like", but this can't be justly attached to Panzer Corps, whose enormous maps and varied scenarios are as close to a wargaming sandbox as exists on iPad -- and will be until Gary Grigsby shows up.

Although its UI isn't the equal of Wars & Battles or the fine work of Shenandoah, Panzer Corps' user interface works just fine -- and that's actually a coup, given the depth of information in the simulation. While there might be flashier gear out, or games touting focus that mechanically cannot compensate for the length and breadth of Poland to Berlin, Panzer Corps does the legacy of Panzer General proud. An essential strategy game on PC, with the same emphatic recommendation on tablet.

Runner-upDesert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein

Honourable MentionWars & Battles, Commander: The Great War, Battle Academy 2Panzer Tactics HD


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