Warhammer Quest 2 Easter Sale Makes Starting the End Times Cheaper than Ever!

By Joe Robinson 15 Apr 2019 0

Granted, as much as we enjoyed 2013’s Warhammer Quest we weren’t quite as fond of the 2017 sequel Warhammer Quest 2. It’s not that it was a bad game, but at launch at least it lacked a lot of the tension and board game-like feels of the original entry.

Still, if there’s one thing we are fond of here at Pocket Tactics, it’s a sale. Developer Perchang are celebrating Easter this year by reducing the price of Warhammer Quest 2 right down to 1$, for an entire week starting today. This is on both iOS and Android.

That’s not a bad price to be fair, although the various IAPs, which are a mixture of class/race, weapons and two coin IAPs, remain the same price as before.

WHQ2 IAPsIf you’ve never played the game before and end up picking it up for the first time via this sale, let us know how you get on!






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