Warriors of Waterdeep: New Dungeons & Dragons Strategy RPG Announced

By Joe Robinson 13 Feb 2018 2

Dungeons & Dragons is making another play for the mobile market with a new mobile game. Announced today, Warriors of Waterdeep is a turn-based strategy RPG based that uses cards to represent gear and battles fought on a grid.


This new game is a result of a new partnership between Wizards of the Coast and Ludia, a Canadian developer who’ve made licensed games ranging from Battlestar Galactica: Squadrons, to Jurassic World: The Game.

Warriors of Waterdeep will be Free-to-Play, unfortunately, but we’re giving it the benefit of the doubt for now. According to VentureBeat, the main form of monetization will be through the sale of card packs. Character customisation is handled via cards to represent equipment and other items. Each character can hold up to six weapons, 12 pieces of armour, four class items and four wonderous items.

Apart from buying them direct, cards are earned through completing chapters in the Story Mode, beating leaders and bosses and from certain level-up thresholds. You can’t break-down cards for crafting, but you can trade unwanted or duplicate cards.

Warriors of Waterdeep will be coming to both iOS and Android device. We'll bring you more info as it comes!



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