Wars Across the World brings you...wait for it...all the wars across the world

By Dave Neumann 15 Dec 2015 0
Is that a Dagon in your pocket? Is that a Dagon in your pocket?

One of Owen's favorite games of 2014 was the wargame sandbox, Wars and Battles. If you remember, the base app was merely a console into which you would buy modules that plug into it, allowing you to play wargames from any era of history without having to completely relearn a new system. We're over a year into that experiment and have only seen one additional scenario released, the 1973 October War. Perhaps the task was more daunting than Battle Factory thought it would be. The slow output isn't deterring other studios from marching down the same path, however. Montreal-based developer Strategiae just completed a Kickstarter campaign that promises to bring wargames from all eras, prehistoric to futuristic, to our tablets. It's called Wars Across the World, and if they pull this off might be the coolest thing on the App Store.

The big draw of Wars Across the World is the ability to fight battles from Troy all the way up to space battles with starships. Like W&B, the base game is a console with new content promised along the way. Strategiae is promising a new content pack every month, and it sounds like they already have 2016 well in hand. They've already announced battles such as Hastings 1066, Normandy 1945, four Civil War packs, Carrhae 53BC, and more. From the sound of it, those are already completed. They've also announced their 2017 plans (four scenarios detailing Caesar in Gaul, Finland 1918, Suez 1956, and more). If nothing else, they're incredibly organized.

The battle system will remain the same from scenario to scenario, negating the need to constantly learn an entirely new UI and ruleset with every battle. The system will let them recreate actual historical battles as well as create sci-fi and fantasy battlefields as well. The first fantasy scenario deals with H.P. Lovecraft's mythos and drops you in Innsmouth, Massachusetts in the year 1928. All the battles were first created in cardboard format for testing, and they're considering offering those cardboard versions as full-flung board games in the future.

How this will all work on iPads and Android tablets seems fairly reasonable as well. The Kickstarter $25 pledge level includes the base app as well as 8 scenarios from the 2016 releases. I'm guessing it will be a little more for non-backers, but compared to Wars and Battles at $10/scenario, it seems like you can grab these for a steal. Of course, we'll have to wait until it releases to see how hard WaW hits your pocketbook.

If there's any downside to this it's that Strategiae was only looking for $15K to fund the project, which seems a paltry sum for the work they have ahead of them. They say it's only for the final testing push, which makes sense as the game is planned for a February 2016 release, but they have only pre-alpha gameplay footage on the Kickstarter page or their website, which is worrisome.

Hopefully my fears are unfounded and we end up with a fantastic wargame system on our tablets early next year. Kickstarter video after the break, showing off all that aforementioned pre-alpha footage.

Hat tip: Geoff Hill

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