Watch two hours of Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game Gameplay

By Joe Robinson 29 Aug 2018 0

Asmodee Digital have now put the archive of last night's Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game stream up on their Twitch page, if you didn't get a chance to watch it last night. It's about two hours long, just so you know, and we've replaced the embed below with the archived stream instead of the live feed. Enjoy!

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As Hearthstone continues to dominate the digital CCG market, new and interesting variations on the formula are slowly starting to emerge. Faeria, despite abandoning mobile development, tried to change the game by adding a physical board. The Elder Scrolls: Legends iterated in a subtler way by providing more tactical depth.

The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game is the latest contender for the throne, but it represents an interesting quandary – for one, it’s an adaptation of an existing, and highly successful physical card game of the same name. Secondly, it’s co-op, not PvP, so you’re playing against an AI opponent who uses slightly different rules and the whole design is bent towards a more bespoke, story-driven experience.

When it first announced last year, it was generally accepted that Lord of the Rings LCG will be coming to mobile. Sadly we’ve heard no further news on that score, but since the game’s out in Steam Early Access today and I’m sure some of you are interested in seeing how it plays, can’t hurt to highlight the on-going gameplay stream over on Asmodee’s Twitch account:

The stream started at 4pm UTC / 5PM GMT, so you may have missed the beginning, but the archive will probably be made available tomorrow if you want to catch up.

I’ve been playing it myself, and so far it’s proved a fascinating experience – the narrative-driven nature of the game throws up some very interesting and unique mechanics you won’t find in more PvP games. On top of that though, I’m having conflicting emotions over how differently the digital game has evolved from the physical one – the physical game is a very good co-operative card game, and I’m surprised by how much the team at Fantasy Flight Interactive have decided to distil the game’s core tenets and try to mould into Hearthstone’s template.

We’ll probably do a full write-up over on Strategy Gamer since this isn’t officially a mobile thing yet, so keep an eye out over there for more impressions. Otherwise, enjoy the stream!



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