We won't tell anyone you don't own Ascension yet

By Owen Faraday 17 Aug 2012 0
Peerless. Peerless.

Playdek is having a promotion right now for Gen Con. All of their stuff is on sale, from Nightfall to Summoner Wars. But listen: you need to own Ascension.

We do a lot of griping about boring games and botched releases around here - we may as well be effusive about games that deserve it. I can't think of any game more universally enjoyed by PT readers than Ascension is. You can pick it up for $0.99 right now, and all of the expansions are going for a buck as well. You don't need any experience with deck-building games to get into it.

All right, that's enough enthusiasm from me. Feels kind of weird. Back to laughing at Goko.com.

UPDATE: While we're talking about Ascension, the BGG iOS guys just posted that Gary Games reps are saying that the Immortal Heroes expansion should be released for iOS in " three to five months". We first talked about the forthcoming Ascension expansion a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks to the many readers who wrote in to remind me about this sale!



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