Holy Potatoes! It's The Weekender!? Edition

By Nick Vigdahl 02 Mar 2018 1

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Weekender, your weekly look at the best new games, sales, and updates. We've got a couple premium games joining mobile from the world of Steam, as well as three excellent tactical RPGs and two great solo card games on sale this week. Finally, there are expansions for both new and old favorites headlining this week's updates.


Out Now

Evoland 2 (iOS Universal)
Two-and-a-half years after its release on Steam, Evoland 2 has arrived on the App Store. It's the follow up to the smash hit Evoland, which took players on a journey through the history of games with constantly evolving graphics and gameplay and a slew of history-of-gaming references. Like its predecessor, it combines elements of RPGs, platformers, action, fighting, adventure, puzzlers, and a whole lot of other genres.

Once again we're taken on a journey through the evolution of games and once again it is steeped in gaming history and references. This is all pretty clever in parts, but less so in others. The pacing is also odd, and I found myself wanting to get through certain sections faster and spend longer in others. It made me want to go and play some of the games from yesteryear but didn't necessarily make me want to play more of Evoland 2. If you are a fan of franchises Evoland 2 has a lot you'll like, and RPG super-fans will enjoy the many references and the one more jaunt through gaming history.

Holy Potatoes! We're in Space? (iOS Universal)
Speaking of sequels making the jump from Steam to mobile the follow up to Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! is out on the App Store. Holy Potatoes! We're in Space?! is part sim, part space-exploration game where you start as a pair of spud sisters Cassie and Fay. You'll manage a spacecraft and crew—including recruitment—and work to upgrade your ship by researching new tech and crafting stuff, particularly weapons…it's what potatoes know after all. You'll also explore a large galaxy, bouncing from system to system, and getting into various scuffles, both ship-versus-ship and on the surface of alien worlds.

Combat is your standard turn-based affair and is largely repetitive, so the exploration and spaceship simulation aspects are by far the main reason to play the game. There's also a whole lot of potato-related humor, which might be good or bad depending on your tastes. We're in Space reminds me of Halcyon Starbase Commander and if you haven’t yet played that one yet, grab it first. If you like the genre or enjoyed AWS, We're in Space is a good option.

Onitama (Android…kinda?)
Asmodee has been working on bringing Onitama—a two-player tabletop game that's a little like Chess but with shared moves between players—to mobile. They put out a call for beta testers a couple days ago but it's already out on Android, though not officially released. Perhaps it's a fully open beta, or maybe that was a mistake. It is free-to-try with a limited deck of movement cards and $1.99 gets you 16 additional cards.


The Game: Play as Long as You Can (iOS Universal  and Android): $.99
Tabletop card game The Game's digital version is a one-player affair and is a lot of fun. It's just a buck on iOS (and normally $1.49 on Android) and worth picking up for fans of solo card games.

Solitairica (iOS Universal and Android): $1.99
You own Solitairica right? I don't have to tell you it's one of the most compelling, most re-playable solo-card games in the world right?

Wave Light Games: $2.99 (No sale on Android!)
All three of Wave Light Games' highly tactical RPGs are on sale on iOS this week for three bucks. All three feature a huge cast of cool characters from which to build a party. All three have an interesting storyline that features a ton of great combat encounters where strong tactics are required to survive:


Pocket Build (iOS Universal)
This week brought more great items to the sandbox world-building game Pocket Build. Over 150 new items were added including more fence types, more modern buildings, farm animals, forts, new plants, and palm trees.

Pathfinder Adventures (iOS Universal and Android)
Pathfinder Adventures has a new deck out, Rise of the Goblins Deck 2—The Goblin Cannibal. The new deck includes a new goblin PC, Tup the Terrible, along with 5 new scenarios and 20+ new cards. It'll set you back $3.99.

Tup the Terrible

7 Wonders (iOS Universal and Android)
The digital adaptation of the 7 Wonders board game just got an update that adds the ability to launch public and private games with friends, surrender a game, and introduces the Leaders expansion. The expansion is $1.99 and includes 36 leader cards—you can elect a leader that provides your civilization special bonuses—as well as additional wonders and guilds.

That’s all for this week’s update – seen anything else you liked? Tried out any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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