The Weekender: The Quest Edition

By Nick Vigdahl 11 May 2018 5

Welcome to this week's edition of The Weekender, your weekly look at the best new games, sales, and updates available on mobile. There's a slew of new games and expansions to tell you about this week along with some sales on some of mobile's best games.

Out Now

Asteroid Quest (iOS Universal and Android-Full review coming soon?

A fun game of space exploration, Asteroid Quest puts you in command of a mining ship that was stranded in a strange galaxy after an experiment gone wrong. To get home you must explore sectors of this strange galaxy and mine different minerals needed to power up and activate a series of beacons. Once they are all activated a wormhole will open to lead back home. You'll find and craft upgrades for your ship and make a little, or a great deal of money, along the way. Asteroid Quest is quite compelling, and I played straight through the game in my first sitting (about an hour and 45 minutes). If you want to crash the leaderboards you can go again and seek to optimize total asteroids mined, coins and items collected, and overall distance travelled. It's well worth a dollar even for a single playthrough.

Asteroid Quest2

Tiny Bubbles (iOS Universal and Android)

Who doesn't like popping bubbles? Nobody I want to know. Tiny Bubbles takes advantage of this universal joy with level after level of puzzle fun with a simple goal: get four connected bubbles of the same color and watch them pop. As you pop bubbles and move through levels new challenges, goals, and even modes of play open up to you. Tiny Bubbles is attractive, has great bubble-popping sound, and the constantly evolving, well-paced, and always fun gameplay is fantastic. Levels play through quick, which makes it ideal for a few minutes here or there, but the game also has plenty of pull to keep you interested in a longer game session. If you've been looking for a new puzzle game on mobile this should be it. It has officially launched on iOS and is available on Android in an "unreleased" state.

Meteorfall Necrodude Update (iOS Universal and Android) (Review)

Deck-building roguelike Meteorfall came out early this year and remains, for my money, one of the best games of the year. Now, its first content update has arrived and with it Muldorf, the Necrodude. As his title implies, Mulford is a necromancer and new character option for the game. He summons skeletons to sends them after his foes and relies on powers that drain their stamina. Twenty-five new cards have been added to support Muldorf's playstyle. The Necrodude is a free update, so give it a go if you own the game. If not, I highly recommend you check it out.

Summon Skeleton

Among the Stars (iOS Universal and Android- Full review coming soon!

The long-warring races of a galaxy have agreed to a tenuous peace in order to meet a greater threat. A bigger bad is coming and the former foes create an alliance to meet the threat. Among the Stars is a race to build the best space station to take advantage of the new peace, and deal with the impending threat. Each player drafts cards to pick locations and build their station. Victory points are earned based on how you construct and the player with the most at the end of four years of in-game time wins. Among the Stars has both a single-player campaign where you can take on a couple different levels of AI opponents, and online asynchronous multiplayer. The game looks good and plays well, though the AI isn't challenging.

Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Persia and Macedon Pack (iPad) (Review)

Very late last year Aspyr Media shocked the mobile strategy world by releasing Civilization VI for iPad with no warning. Since then, they've released several expansions for iPad including two in April. Good news: they don't appear to be slowing down. Two more expansions have appeared at the in-game store: the Nubia Pack and the Khmer Indonesia pack.

Nubia is $4.99 and introduces Queen Amanitore of Nubia. It includes the 'Gifts of the Nile' scenario where you must become the dominant empire of the Nile River valley by gaining the favor of the great god Amun. Amun likes temples dedicated to him and, oh, about seven should do it.

The Khmer Indonesia Pack will set you back $8.99 and offers up two new civilizations and leaders: Dyah Gitarja of Indonesia and Jayavarman VII of Khmer. It also contains a new world wonder, a new natural wonder, and two new maps. The included scenario is 'Path to Nirvana' where you will look to spread your faith across East Asia.

On top of this is a more general update to bring the iPad version in line with changes that came to the desktop version in the summer and fall of 2017:

  • Updated Combat Preview
  • Updated Religion Lens
  • New Religious beliefs
  • All religious units moved to their own layer
  • 8 new Relics
  • Improvements to Trade Route chooser
  • Improved Diplomacy screen
  • Eureka/Inspiration notifications
  • Removed less useful Gossip messages
  • Balance Changes:
    • Multiple building and district changes
    • Multiple changes to religion
    • Multiple Civs and Leader changes: Norway, Spain, Scythia, Kongo, Greece, France
    • Improved AI

As with the other bits of DLC, you need to have purchased the full game IAP in order to make use of the civ or scenario packs. It's supposed to be $59.99 but is currently still running at a 50% discount... we wonder if it'll ever go up to full price?


Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 (iOS Universal and Android) $1.99 (Review)

Get your race on with one of the better racing sims on mobile. Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 puts you in control of every aspect of a racing team.

Halcyon 6 Starbase Commander (iOS Universal): $3.99

One of the best games of 2017, Halcyon 6 is a space-based strategy, RPG, and simulation game and features fun turn-based tactical combat. It's worth every bit of its $6.99 regular price, at $3.99 it's a steal.

Steamworld Heist (iOS Universal): $4.99 (Review)

Speaking of best games, Steamworld Heist was near the top of a crowded field of great games in 2016 and earned four well-deserved stars from JP. It's also half off right now.

Played any of the above? Seen anything else you like? Let us know in the comments, and have a great weekend!



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