The Weekender: May 4th Edition

By Nick Vigdahl 04 May 2018 0

Welcome to the Weekender, your weekly look at the best new games, sales, and updates available on mobile. There's a good mix of new stuff for your gaming enjoyment. Check it out!


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Zombie Rogue (iOS Universal and Android) - Full review coming soon!

Zombies! Roguelikes! Memory loss! A roguelike set in a zombie apocalypse where you can't remember a damn thing! Ok, so none of that is particularly original but you can't beat zombies for hack-and-slash action. Zombie Rogue is a turn-based game all about getting by, level after level without, you know, dying. There are lots of different weapons to find and use and a story to uncover. Zombie Rogue plays fast and requires a good bit of strategy to succeed. Check it out if you need more zombies in your life.

zombie rogue

Art Heist, White Hat (iOS Universal and Android)

If zombies aren't your thing how about stealth? In Art Heist, White Hat you guide a white-hat infiltration team that can into and around museums to make off with priceless artifacts. You serve as the overwatch, guiding operatives around security and other hazards using blueprints for the buildings. The game's levels are based on real-life museums including the Gibbes Museum, Elmhurst Art Museum, Cleveland Museum of Art, Yale British Arts Museum, and American Art Museum, which is a cool touch. There are over twenty levels, each with its own difficulties and time limit and all accompanied by a jazzy soundtrack and fun facts about the museum itself.

Star Realms: United Heroes and Arena (iOS Universal and Android) (Review)

There's a burst of new stuff in popular digital card game Star Realms. First, we've got a new expansion to talk about. United Heroes adds a new chapter to the single-player campaign and eight new heroes for the Trade Deck. These heroes are plenty powerful, far more than those of the Crisis set. United Heroes is $2 and available via in-app purchase.

White Wizard Games also announced Star Realms Arena, an in-app tournament. Each week there will be a different tournament with varying formats. Entry is free, and players earn prizes based on how many games they win. You play up to six wins or two losses, whichever comes first. Arena games will be real time with extra time added to the clock. Prizes will range from Trophy Stars to credits and special digital foil cards.

Star Realms Arena

Night of the Full Moon (iOS Universal and Android) (Review)

RPG/CCG hybrid Night of the Full Moon is based on Little Red Riding Hood and inspired by Dream Quest. It was released just before Halloween last year and is now offering up its first expansion. It is headlined by a new class, the magician with 130 new cards to support this spell slinger as she heads out into the wild. There are also new monsters like the Gravedigger, Frog King, Bear Mage, and the dreaded Christmas Dwarf. The expansion also adds a new storyline to play through as well as new events to explore and it will set you back $1 as an in-app purchase.

Night of the Full Moon2


911 Operator (iOS Universal and Android) $3.99/$3.49

Emergency services dispatching sim 911 Operator released its Every Life Matters expansion last month and is now on sale for a buck off.

Kingdom: New Lands (iOS Universal and Android): $4.99 (Review)

Have you played the side-scrolling, genre-mashing Kingdom: New Lands? It's part tower-defense, part city builder, part simulation, part puzzle, and all kinds of challenging. It's also on sale for $5, half off.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (iOS Universal and Android): $4.99

May 4th means sales on all kinds of Star Wars stuff. Knights of the Old Republic, one of the best RPGs of all time, is no exception. Sure, it's a bit dated but it's half off and still good. If you've played it before you can get a nice nostalgia hit. If not, it's definitely worth a go at this price. May the 4th be with you.


The Escapists (iOS Universal and Android) (Review)

Mobile's best prison simulator, The Escapists, has added yet another prison to its long and ever-growing list of settings for the game. Now, you can live, work out, fight, craft shivs, and more eventually escape from Paris Central Pen. The Escapists is really entertaining and you really should read my equally entertaining 4-star review to find out why.

That's all for this week's round-up. Seen anything else you liked? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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