Welcome to Miami: Grand Theft Auto Vice City coming to iOS & Android "later this fall"

By Owen Faraday 26 Oct 2012 0
Nice wheels. It's no CRX, but nice wheels. Motorin'.

Lance Vance, I shall have my revenge. Again. Rockstar have announced that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the thinking man's favourite GTA game, is coming to iOS and Android "later this fall."

This year is the 10th anniversary of Vice City's release, if you can believe that. Besides the brilliant 1980s pop soundtrack, Vice City was also the only Grand Theft Auto game to feature the very chariot of the gods: the Honda Civic CRX. What, you don't remember that? I'm not like other people, I guess.

You can bet that Rockstar have learned a few things from their excellent iOS port of GTA III - the devs are promising that new features unique to iOS & Android will be revealed in the coming weeks, so best get your double-breasted suits to the dry cleaners now.



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