Whispers of the Old Gods available in North America

26 Apr 2016 5

You have to wonder why the Old Gods aren't more communicative. If they have something to say why not enunciate properly so there isn't any confusion about what you want? In any case you can experience some of the fun and wonder of summoning ancient gods, sacrificing cultists and milling for gold with the latest expansion for Heartstone - Whispers of the Old Gods.

Whispers is a 134 card expansion for Blizzard's Hearthsone CCG that not only adds new cards but also adds two new play modes as well as 9 more deck slots. Hearthstone now includes a Standard mode which allows you to play with decks created with cards from the Standard and Classic sets as well as the previous year's release of cards. The Wild format is the tried-and-true Hearthstone game mode that you've already played which allows you to create decks from all of the released Hearthstone sets.

To help people get accustomed to the new format there are two new Standard mode Quests that will reward players with new packs of cards from the Whispers set. In addition the newly updated Hearthstone game engine will reward you with three free Whispers packs when you log in. 

Blizzard have also provided a set of Patch Notes outlining the changes in the game with the newest version.




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