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By Owen Faraday 05 Dec 2012 0
Solved the greatest puzzle of them all. In the Scriptorium.

The Pocket Tactics Word/Puzzle Game of the Year is a puzzle game, but it's also a game that cribs from many other genres and amalgamates them into a pleasing whole. And quite unlike runner-up Letterpress, it's a downright eyesore, taking programmer art to heretofore unknown levels of ugliness.

But looks aren't everything - and this game proved that in spades, becoming one of my most-played titles of 2012.

After the jump, the Word/Puzzle Game of the Year.

The Pocket Tactics Word/Puzzle Game of the Year for 2012 is 10000000. This is a game that I've written quite a bit about already, both here and in Wired, but I'm still not weary of it.

I'm still playing it. Fight for Freedom.

This is a game that is the very embodiment of a whole that's greater than the sum of its parts. It's not a looker in any way, and while the songs are fun - there's only two of them. But 10000000's combination of infinite runner, RPG, and match-3 puzzle takes three dreadfully tired game genres and combines them into something fresh and compulsively playable.

The game was a bit rough around the edges at launch but subsequent updates have smoothed out the controls and added the ability to start over once you've won (unlike many other infinite runners, 10000000 has an ending), making a very good game into a great one.

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