Word/Puzzle Game of the Year 2012 Runner-up: Letterpress

By Owen Faraday 05 Dec 2012 0
I don't dare show one of my whippings at the hands of DoubleBullOut. Epistolary war.

The Word/Puzzle Game of the Year runner-up is Letterpress.

In a word, Letterpress is elegant. Designed by Tweetie architect Loren Brichter, Letterpress comes from whatever hip Bauhaus planet that Apple TV commercials are filmed on. Its design is simple and modern, and the UI is full of tiny visual cues and user feedback that speaks to countless hours of testing. It's a gorgeous app. Anybody who's in the business of making touchscreen game UIs should play Letterpress.

But it's also a tactically rich game - deceptively deep, in fact. Masquerading as a simple word game, Letterpress is fundamentally about territory control and head-to-head brinksmanship. A strong vocabulary is an undeniable boon, but Letterpress also demands careful planning and a gambler's sense of when to push your opponent.

Beautiful and clever, Letterpress is the whole package. And in a year loaded with multiplayer games, the appeal of Letterpress has proven more durable than many of its flashier competitors.

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