You can love Pocket Planes and still be a grognard

By Owen Faraday 13 Jun 2012 0
New rule: if it has Flying Tigers nose art, it's a strategy game. New rule: if it has Flying Tigers nose art, it's a strategy game.

Look, before you say it - I know I've been slipping with all of these non-strategy game posts. First that post about Zombie Gunship this weekend, then the mention of Wargames:WOPR earlier today. But before you start rounding up people for the intervention - believe me, it ain't going to turn into Touch Arcade over here. I swear.

Now, as I batten down the Pocket Tactics hatches to keep the casual games and other non-hex-based frippery out of the holds, indulge me one more time: join the PT Pocket Planes Flight Crew.

Pocket Planes has been out for all of [checks clock] sixteen minutes, and I can already tell I'm in trouble. It's no Aerobiz, but damn if it isn't a concentrated dose of nerd fuel anyway. Look at this screenshot of a P-40 Warhawk that you can buy for your Pocket Planes airline and tell me I'm wrong. Go ahead, try.

If you've also knuckled under to Nimblebit, put on your penitent's hairshirt and join the #POCKETTACTICS flight crew in-game.

UPDATE: As of Thursday afternoon, #POCKETTACTICS is the No. 61 crew in the world! Keep the recruits coming, lads.

UPDATE II: Friday morning and we're at number 25 in the world. Other, lesser gaming site crews tremble when we approach and speak our names in hushed tones. Don't let the power go to your heads the way it has to mine.



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