Zombicide coming to mobile next week no big deal (correction)

By Joe Robinson 17 Apr 2019 2

So you may not be aware, but Asmodee Digital launched a newsletter last year. I can’t exactly remember when but it was early 2018 I believe. By and large, it’s not the most useful newsletter in the world – it’s monthly, a lot of the stuff it talks about we already know or is repeated, and generally it’s a bit vague even at the best of times. We do appreciate getting it though.

CORRECTION: While the screen grab below mentions 'April 24th', we've been informed by Asmodee Digital's PR Company that the the release date is actually April 23rd. No one told the Newsletter writer, I guess.

Case and point, the most recent newsletter lists these games are being ‘In Development’:

AD In developmentI mean this is fine – the Gloomhaven icon has a link to the official page, but the others don’t have anything. Some of this we knew, some of this we didn’t, but without any information regarding platforms, price, time-table etc… it’s just a bunch of icons at this point. Again we appreciate it, but we can’t always do anything with what it contains.

Then, every so often, there will be some utter bombshells, dropped in ever so casually (as noted above, the date on this screen-grab is incorrect-ED):

Zombicide MobileSo yeah, Zombicide. April 23rd. Mark your calendars I guess… we knew this was coming, but there hasn’t really been a peep out of the studio on this since it was announced so to suddenly learn it's release next week is a bit of a surprise. The “finally” comment throws me me a bit – I mean, it’s not even out on Steam, so it’s not like we’ve been waiting around watching our PC-based brethren play this while we clutch our mobile phones in frustration. Unlike with their legions of other PC-only digital board games.

All that aside, another milestone in board games is only a week away. It’s good that we’re seeing both iOS AND Android ports at the same time. We’ll try and have a review ready for when it drops.



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