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The results are in, the votes have been counted, and I’ve had my tea – we’re ready to announce the winner of the 2018 Pocket Tactics Reader’s Choice Game of the Year Award.

And the winner is…

Meteorfall: Journey (Review)

Securing just under a third of the votes, colourful solitaire deck-building card game Meteorfall: Journey conquered the hearts and minds of not only Matt, who did our official review, but the readers as well.

The strength of character in this game comes from its rogue-lite elements and its excellent portrayal of deck-building mechanics via its unique heroes. Meteorfall’s win is also a testament and a reward to devs willingness to throw out regular, and free, updates that have added new cards and content for players to enjoy.

As was said in the review:

Meteorfall does a fine job of giving you a series of simple yet meaningful decisions that are not obscured by a morass of rules. Fight or flee? Attack or pass? You are left to decide which particular swing or roundabout to jump aboard. Your hero’s advancements perfectly mirror that of your enemies, ensuring that your quest is finally balanced and always challenging. Challenging that is unless you have played a lot of deck-builders such as Ascension and Dream Quest, in which case you may find the game a little too easy and lacking in challenge. Also, because you only draw and play a single card at a time the luck element is quite high, which may frustrate some players.

Well done Slothwerks, very much earned.

Runner’s Up

It’s not all about the winner though – there were thirteen games in total eligible to win the award, and the remaining two-thirds of the votes went to these other games. In particular:

Rebel Inc. and One Deck Dungeon came joint second, representing a fifth of the vote between them. This is especially good-going for Rebel Inc., as it was added after the vote was open.

WinterSpring Games’ Card Quest, the pixel dungeon crawler where you battle with cards, came in a respectable third with 10% of the vote.

Wildcard Nominations – The Best of the Rest 2018

We also allowed voters to nominate any other game released in 2018 as a ‘wild card’ nomination, so that games that didn’t meet the criteria for the main award could still be celebrated and highlighted. We won’t go into how many of you (too many) didn’t seem to quite be able to follow instructions on this, but we still got some good answers we’ll share with you now:

Stardew Valley’s mobile port got a fait few votes, although only one person was keen enough to say why: “It’s the best one,” they said. Fair enough.

Rebel Inc 1

Rebel Inc. got some additional here as well, as not everyone was able to go back and change their answers. One person said, “A complex, multi-layered strategy game with an intuitive interface. Late entry but definitely GOTY material,” while another was taken with its “.. well refined premise and execution”.

Apart from that, there wasn’t really a clear consensus amongst the rest of the votes, but we did see a wide breadth of games nominated, including:

  • Warbands: Bushido
  • Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind
  • Pocket Run Pool
  • ELOH
  • Fortnite
  • Armello
  • AntiHero

Don’t forget to check out our retrospectives on how they year’s been for strategy and board games on mobile, and we’ll see you on the other side! Happy New Year!



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