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Size up your screen with 50% off Amazon Fire Tablets this Cyber Monday

The Fire HD 10 tablet is now available at just $74.99 on Amazon.

A Fire HD 10 tablet on a white background. There is a Black Friday flag to the top left of the frame.

Mobile gaming is fun and all, but there are certain games that lend themselves to being played on a tablet much more than they do a phone. Not only is it much easier to click small things on a tablet screen, it can be hard to properly focus and take in all the action on a smaller screen. Investing in a tablet for gaming could improve your accuracy and enjoyment and there’s no time like the present, as Amazon Fire tablets are 50% cheaper in Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 is a fantastic choice of tablet if you want to get one especially for gaming, as it’s both fast and responsive. It runs on a powerful octa-core processor and has 3GB RAM, which is a huge 50% more than the previous generation had. Enjoy playing for long sessions at a time? This tablet has a 12-hour battery life, which should accommodate even the longest mobile gaming marathons. With 32GB of internal storage, you should be able to download a good number of mobile games onto it, but if you do need extra space, there’s also a microSD slot.

It has an excellent display as well. It’s vivid 10.1 inch screen has full HD 1080p picture quality and brings you more than two million pixels. You’ll have a clear view of whatever’s happening on screen, no matter how chaotic it may be. Beyond games, this is great for all your entertainment needs: Netflix, Hulu, Instagram and TikTok will all look great here.

This is a very affordable option when it comes to tablets and if you know someone who should have invested in one long ago, then this could make an excellent Christmas present for them. Amazon Fire tablets are really easy to grasp, so even if you’re buying for somebody who hasn’t owned a tablet before, it shouldn’t take too long for them to master.


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This isn’t the only tablet that’s on offer, either. The Fire HD 8 is also available at 50% off right now. At eight inches, it’s a bit smaller and it doesn’t boast the same processing power, but it can still be great for most of the best mobile games. In terms of battery life, it stands on par with the Amazon HD 10 and if you wanted to save even more money, this one is a little cheaper at $44.99 compared to the $74.99 you’d pay for the HD 10.

It is unclear how long Amazon are planning to keep these tablets at half price, but around the time of Cyber Monday, deals tend to be rather short lived. If you’re thinking about getting one of these, make sure you don’t wait too long and miss the discount. Want more bargains? Check out our Cyber Monday hub, where we post as many of the best Cyber Monday deals as we can find.