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Bleach: Brave Souls slashes onto Switch in time for anniversary

KLab Games’ Bleach: Brave Souls is out now on the Nintendo Switch, completing the console port circuit and expanding its player base.

Bleach Brave Souls Switch: Key art of Ichigo Kurasaki outlined in white and pasted on a greyscale image of his VA's hands playing the game on a Switch

Bleach: Brave Souls, KLab’s hit anime game, originally launched on mobile back in 2015 and has since expanded onto the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox, giving fans of the legendary shounen anime a plethora of ways to play. The game has now arrived on the Switch, alongside console optimizations, a brand-new achievements system, and beginner bonuses to help new players catch up to veterans.

In an interview with Inside Games, shared on KLab’s website, Ichigo Kurasaki’s voice actor Masakazu Morita gave his thoughts on the Switch port. He said, “I was able to enjoy Brave Souls in a different way compared to when playing on a smartphone. My hands don’t get in the way of the screen, so the appearance of a wider display allowed me to feel more immersed in the experience. Not to mention the fact that I have been playing games since the NES era, so being able to use a controller was comforting.”

When was the Bleach: Brave Souls Switch release date?

The Bleach: Brave Souls Switch release date landed on July 11, 2024.

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Sadly, even though Bleach: Brave Souls supports cross-platform co-op and PVP gameplay, you cannot transfer your existing account to a new device, so if you already play on mobile, we’re afraid you’re stuck there. Instead, the Switch version is aimed more at new players who were hesitant in the past due to not liking mobile gaming, or who didn’t own a PS4 or PC to play on.

That’s everything we have on the Bleach: Brave Souls Switch release. If you’re interested in our thoughts on who to summon when you start playing, check out our Bleach: Brave Souls tier list. Alternatively, head over to our Bleach Soulz codes page for some freebies in the anime-inspired Roblox game.