Tuck in as Bugsnax sets sail for Nintendo Switch very soon

Get your snack on and enjoy a new adventure. The weird world of Snaktooth Island is now portable, as we finally get a Bugsnax Switch release date

Bugsnax release date: Screenshots show the game Bigsnax and the creature called Bunger

Ever since I played it on PlayStation, I’ve been clamouring for a Bugsnax Switch release date, so today’s announcement is the best news until science creates a real-life Bunger. Developer Young Horses today confirmed that both the original Bugsnax and the upcoming Isle of Bugsnax DLC are arriving on Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles very soon.

So, when is the Bugsnax Switch release date? You can finally explore Snaktooth island on the go when Bugsnax releases for Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Xbox consoles on April 28 for $24.99, with a 20% pre-order discount. UK prices are yet to be confirmed. Fans of the game can also soon purchase the vinyl soundtrack from iam8bit, and you can sign up to receive updates now.

If this is the first you’re hearing of Bugsnax, it’s an adorable adventure game where you play as a journalist who must explore the island of Snaktooth, to hunt down lost explorer Lizbert Megafig and uncover the secret of Bugsnax. The titular creatures are animals made of food that when eaten, give people new characteristics based on the Bugsnax they’ve eaten. If you ever wanted legs made of strawberries, this is a dream come true.

Alongside the announcement Young Horses revealed a new trailer highlighting both the new Isle of Bugsnax DLC, and the new available platforms for the game.

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When is the Bugsnax Switch release date?

Explore Snaktooth Island and discover what a Bunger tastes like when Bugsnax releases on Nintendo Switch, Xbox consoles, and Steam, on April 28. Just a few short weeks from now!

The addition of Bugsnax makes this April even tastier, with it absolutely filled with great games like some sort of insanely delicious videogame sandwich. If you fancy reading a little bit about the filling in that sandwich (falafel for me), then why not check out our Nintendo Switch Sports preview as the Wii Sports successor releases just one day after Bugsnax on April 29.