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$10k battle royale tournament becomes biggest CoD Mobile event ever

Call of Duty: Mobile’s biggest event boasts more than 200k concurrent viewers, over four times the size of last year’s World Championship.

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Thanks to a recent event, Call of Duty: Mobile’s biggest event isn’t the prestigious World Championship; rather, it’s a $10k battle royale tournament organized by CoD: Mobile YouTuber iFerg, who is well-known to the community for his frequent content for the mobile game, as well as for the competitions he hosts.

The event in question took place on June 29, and according to Ferg and COD Mobile Esports News on X, it’s the biggest CoD Mobile event in history by quite some margin. While some may question the popularity of the shooter, Ferg’s event shows that there’s life in the mobile game yet, and perhaps it’s time for Activision and event organizers to look at battle royale tournaments, too.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s World Championship has a distinct focus on multiplayer game modes such as control, hardpoint, and search and destroy. The game has yet to host a battle royale tournament, but if the success of Ferg’s recent event is any indication – boasting more than 200k concurrent viewers across various streams – a battle royale world championship would be a hit with the community.

It’s worth pointing out that Ferg’s success isn’t purely from his own stream, as Holy Father, a TikTok streamer, had 82k concurrent viewers alone, as shown in a screenshot shared by iYato on X. According to statistics from Esports Charts, Holy Father’s top viewer count alone is larger than the peak viewers total from the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2023, which came in at 50,796 with a total of 534,278 hours watched.

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All in all, boasting more than 200k views in total means that Ferg’s BR tournament is over four times bigger than last year’s WC, an immense achievement. Call of Duty: Mobile’s Biggest event numbers are going to be hard to beat, but if all this excitement has you wanting to join in on the fun, check out our Call of Duty: Mobile download guide. You can even grab a freebie or two to help you get started with our Call of Duty: Mobile codes list.

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