Final Fantasy-inspired Chained Echoes release date nears

Final Fantasy fans listen up. An indie RPG based on the 16-bit classics is coming, so when is the Chained Echoes release date for Nintendo Switch?

Chained Echoes release date: screenshots show a 16bit JRPG

Grab your sword RPG fans, as we finally have details on the Chained Echoes release date. Based on classic RPGs of the SNES era like Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, and Secret of Mana, Chained Echoes is a love letter to the 16-bit titles that influenced the genre for decades to come. From publisher Deck13 and developer Matthias Linda, Chained Echoes looks to bring the 90s back with a touch of high-fantasy, dragons, and spellcasting in the mix.

So, when is the Chained Echoes release date? Deck13 released a new trailer over the weekend, revealing that the title will release in *****ber, hinting at a release in the latter half of the year that could be anywhere between September or December. That or I’ve been spelling August wrong for years. Featuring around 40-50 hours of classic turn-based RPG action, we’re excited to get our hands on this one for Nintendo Switch later this year.

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You can check out the release window trailer below for a better look at the upcoming retro RPG.

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When is the Chained Echoes release date?

The most recent trailer for Chained Echoes reveals ‘*****ber 2022’ as the current release date, meaning the developer is aiming for a release in the latter half of the year, somewhere between September and December. Vague, but it’s all we have to go on right now.

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