Chess-based idle RPG Checkmate Heroes opens Android pre-registrations

Checkmate Heroes pre-registrations are open for Android devices with iOS sign ups due to begin for chess-based idle RPG further down the line

Checkmate Heroes key art that shows different heroes stood on a chess board

If you enjoy both chess and idle RPGs you’re in for a treat, as the mobile game Checkmate Heroes blends the two together in a way that’s pretty unique for titles in this genre on the platform. You also might want to check it out if you enjoy titles such as Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming, and Dynasty Origins: Conquest, as these titles share the same developer as Checkmate Heroes, Yoozoo Games.

Since Checkmate Heroes pre-registrations are open, it’s only fitting to let you know more about the game. Each hero within the title has two different forms, chess and human, with all battles taking place on a chessboard. You take on the role of a spiritcaller and must call upon the chess spirits to do your bidding in the fight.

Of course, as an idle game, you don’t really have to do a lot, but tactical thinking is a must if you want to declare checkmate on your foe. Discover which heroes and combinations work the best, as identities and classes possess different strengths and weaknesses. This is also an RPG, after all, so there’s more to it than moving pieces on a chessboard.

How do I sign up for Checkmate Heroes pre-registration?

To pre-register for the game, you can visit Google Play if you’re an Android user, but iOS sign-ups aren’t available yet. We’ll update this story as soon as they are.

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