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Supercell raises Clash Heroes from the dead, with new Project R:I:S:E

Supercell has given a new lease of life to the much-loved Clash Heroes game, turning it into a multiplayer action-RPG codenamed Project R:I:S:E.

project r:i:s:e feature art from supercell featuring clash heroes characters

Mobile gaming giant Supercell has just announced plans to raise the beloved Clash Heroes from the ashes. In a recent video, game lead Julien Le Cadre announced that “Clash Heroes is dead. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Project R:I:S:E is still a Clash game, and the better news is that it’s now a multiplayer focused action RPG.”

Quite the change up, but not one we’re entirely mad at. The Clash games have seen their fair share of neglect over the years, with both Clash Mini and Clash Quest getting buried. So it’s understandable that Supercell wants to keep ahold of the flagship title, but bestow a new lease of life upon it. With an already impressive back catalog, and Squad Busters exceeding 30 million installs, Supercell is quick to assure that the much-loved Clash Heroes IP is still in very good hands.

Community manager ‘Frame’ explains that “Project R:I:S:E is not Clash Heroes, but it’s set in the Clash universe and built from the ground up as a social action RPG roguelite. So while some visual parts of Clash Heroes are still around, the game is brand new, and it focuses on more of a social aspect and playing together with various characters, rather than just you doing PvE dungeons.”

Project R:I:S:E will have you playing as an iconic Clash character and teaming up with two other players to explore a mysterious environment known only as the Tower. Each gameplay session will take place on a different floor of the tower, and the aim of the game is to climb as high as you can. Is there a princess at the top of the tower? Some eldritch horror waiting to lay waste to you and the land surrounding its prison? Who knows, we’ll have to climb our way to the top to find out.

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A pre-alpha version of Project R:I:S:E is scheduled for early July, so it won’t be long until we can start our exploration into the ominous tower. But you can sign up now, so if you’re like us and want to claw your way to the top, make sure to get your name on the list.

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